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Fragranced hand soap 500ml - Marshmallow musk

Fragranced hand soap 500ml - Marshmallow musk

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New fragranced anti-bacterial hand soaps now available.

Suitable for hands & bodies too.  It's PH balanced which gently lathers, leaving your hands clean, fresh & wanting more......

Fragrance description:

Let this nostalgic aroma invoke your childhood memories of the wonderful smells of sweet treats such as marshmallows & must sticks. Truely wonderful and totally addictive.


We have even more great fragrances available and we are sure you will love all of them, so why not give them all a try. Candles, diffussers, room sprays also available in several different fragrances, so check them out,  theres something for everyone........


Non toxic, septic safe, PH balanced.

Made with high quality fragrance oils/essential oils. Hand bottle in Melbourne.